Packing up my poetry…

If anyone is interested I will be posting all of my poetry on my other Blog. I will be using this site for essays and commentary.  going forward.

Thanks so much for sharing your work. 



It Never Ends



It never ends

no matter how far away I go

Or how long I stay away

they find me

It never ends

a late-night call

another one gone

The only changes

are the names and the ways

It never ends

another plane flight home

another casket carried


R.A. Ries © 2017




Angel’s wings cloak the pain within her

Clinging tightly to iron bars that only she can see

Escape is futile from the prison of her dreams

As only in the distance lies the secrets of her past


R.A. Ries ~ © 2019

Out of the Abyss

The words below were written during one of my frequent trips into the swampy Alafia river in Florida. It is there that I go to hide from reality. With only my kayak and minimal gear, I have stayed for up to a week at a time. This piece reflects what was a dark and confusing year in my life.

This was originally posted on another site.

When I began this blog I stated that I will give you my truth. So be it…

Out of the Abyss
by RobertAnthony3 on March 5, 2017 © Robert A. Ries

As I pen this I am saddened and overcome by the stark realization it will be the last time I delve into my mind for the near future. I say this as rarely is my work anything but a reflection of my thoughts. I’m not one who feels much of a need for validation. I have regrettably entered a few contests. Enjoyed penning the erotic. Some of my work I wish I could take back, but the principles I subscribe to will not allow me. If I throw something out there… then I live or die by it.

If anyone reads this that has not followed my work either here on AllPoetry or various other places through the years it will hold little value to them. To know me is to pity me. For the words that I sling can only be that of a mad man. Enough self-promotion. Let’s dispense with the bull shit.

The simple fact of the matter is I am evil. No… not like the evil that comes in the night. Much more cunning am I. At first glance. Charming, handsome…the kind of person people are drawn to. There lies my trap. This capture I seek subconsciously. Never fully realizing my true agenda. This agenda is predicated on me and me alone.

Somewhere in the dark and twisted recesses of my mind lives a monster. I have met him in passing along the portals that we share. My refusal to acknowledge his presence only makes him stronger. Feeding the fires of his resolve to gain total possession. Much in common we have. This monster lives just down the street. Where compassion and apathy meet. Apathy…? Did I really choose such a kind word to describe my condition? Pay close attention as here we have a perfect example of my ability to minimize pure evil.
After much research and psycho analyzation, there’s no confusion within me of my intentions. I often will use the word subconsciously, but as this my manifesto so to speak. I believe full disclosure is in order.
I have hurt and driven away all that have loved me. Two of my daughter’s don’t speak to me. My wife has fought long enough to save me. Even the strongest of angels grow tired. Or smart.
I am seeking my last refuge. A place where you’re not measured by cruelty. Only by your ability to survive. Now as I watch the river flow effortlessly by and hear the sounds of the swamp change shifts from night to day. I no longer hear the owls eery sound from their hidden perches. The quick flurry of bats, with the thumping of wings, has given way to daybreak. With the sun comes the chirping of birds. The scampering of squirrels playing in the trees. The full exposure to nature. Reality. Oh, how I long for one more night. Where evil slides down the trees like toxic honey and gators peer just above the water’s edge looking for prey. Scanning the water slowly last night with my light there were his eyes caught in the reflection. Staring, daring me to enter his water. In my delusional mind, I seriously considered it. I could imagine myself with a deadly blade slip into the water. Knowing full well his next move would be to submerge. I would have but one chance to gain the high ground. A tree has long fallen into the river. From there I would search his tail creating a small wake or the bubbles of his breathing as he readied his launch… that’s where my delusion ends. He would have surely and ferociously exploded from under. Only to snatch me and force my helpless body under a rock to marinate.
This is where I begin to close these ramblings of a mad man. I don’t know what the day will bring or those following. I just know for now I have to crawl out of this abyss. Leave the demons and God to battle for possession of my mind and soul. No visiting hours here. No one gets out alive…

R.A. Ries © 2017

A brief note from me

For those of you kind enough to read my words thus far, I thank you. Although I am no stranger to publishing online this is my first true attempt at blogging. Subsequently I’m sure that my site, layout, and many other items are pedestrian at best.

I have not been active in nearly any facet of creative writing in over a year. Somehow I doubt you’re shocked…

I just wanted to state the obvious.